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    The avenues of exploration open to you are boundless and lead you to new countries of self wherein lie the means for you to learn and decipher the deeper expressions that spring from the fount of who you really are. Of course, you can see who you are at any given time, you say. Simply look in the mirror. Look around you at your home, your apartment, your accomplishments, your collections of those things you love. And we agree, with one caveat. Look at those things with the purpose of unearthing their deeper grandeur. Their deeper meaning. Their deeper soul stuff. For each of the items of your world springs from a source largely unknown to you. A source that yields them forth with an exquisite majesty largely lost to you as they float by unnoticed on the stream of everyday cognition.

    What we propose is that you do more than look at the mirror but rather behind the mirror into the vast and recondite reaches of the soul where the music plays conducted by a maestro with whom you are largely unfamiliar. Until now it has been difficult to catch a glimpse of this conductor, the inspirations that guide him. This source, you realize at a gut level, is not something one can simply grasp and hold up for inspection. If it were you would have been doing this all along, actively tinkering and improving yourself like a mechanic working on a car.

    What has eluded you until now is a hands on methodology whereby you could physically get a grip on the situation at hand. You’ve had neither the diagnostic tool nor the lug wrench for the loosening and tightening the locked nuts and bolts of the soul. But all that has changed. The TruTester tool is both the diagnostic tool and the lug wrench. It can tell you which parts are squeaking, why they are squeaking, and then stimulate a kind of natural internal wheel balancing mechanism you all possess in your garages of the soul. A sort of perfect machine that, once the loose screw is removed or tightened or replaced, spins once again with effortless precision and power.

    You do not feel yourself wheezing with effort now as your blood pumps through your veins? As your thoughts cascade forth with tireless enthusiasm? As your eyes see? Of course not. But there are areas of your life where you do feel a strain. Like a clever magician who places the playing card inside the window before the trick begins only to have it magically appear there later, so too have you placed the loose screws throughout various parts of your present soul machinery. They were placed there by you as clues to the areas you wished to explore, areas you decided you wanted to work on before this lifetime; although the word before is a bit of a misnomer and the image it conjures might be confusing.

    You did not stealthily place these loose screws like some sort of soul saboteur and then run away hoping not to get caught. Fact is, you can’t wait to get caught. You can’t wait to remember why and where you placed the various obstacles in your path. They are like the bread crumbs left behind on a trail to find one’s way back. Only in your case the bread crumbs are laid before you, not behind, as though you have forgotten that you were already here. These bread crumbs are your so-called problems...

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