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The Only Game In The World
With A Real Lie Detector

You’re probably thinking, Oh, great. Another game.

Oh, great. Another Game.

Which would normally make me go into some long spiel about how great PsyDetector is and try not to sound like an infomercial.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys

Or I could say that after 15 years of working and writing, we finally played the game last night. At one point we looked at the clock, 4 hours had gone by, and we hadn’t even noticed.

Time Simulation - Not Real

My friend took my hand, looked me in the eye and said, Tszezh fah busst gom harr ufftah pled! Then she swallowed the 16 cocktail weenies she had in her mouth and what I heard was,

This is the best game I've EVER played!

You start by clicking on this Random Number Generator to pick your question.

Click Here

Then you read your question, and everyone tries to figure out what the true answer is. They can be tricky! Questions like…

Would you have sex with Judge Judy for $250,000?

After you’re scarred for life just thinking about it, you guess what TruTester will say (the truth) and bet your points from your bank of 200.

Scorepad TruTester

Then you test by holding TruTester in one hand, answer card in the other, and squeeze after you repeat the phrase, “The answer is this one.” You check what TT says and test next card same way.

The card that keeps you strongest is the true answer. Now you open it and see the results!

Playing Cards

About the game. When I was young I was so small my parents thought I was a dwarf. So they sent me off to live in a colony of psychic dwarfs to be with my own kind.

Parents and Dustin

Then as I started to grow the dwarfs kicked me out for being so big but not after teaching me their psychic abilities. One day while in a psychic trance I had a vision of this game (after my second act at the Columbus Carnival and Tractor Pull in October of 2001, where I was the opener for Mistress Electra and her Little Lamp of Love - and who later also became my first wife.)

And the rest is history